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Your children are what you eat

I’ve been told many a time that I am one of the lucky ones. It seems that no matter how much I eat, I stay a ‘skinny-malinky-long-legs’ as my grandma used to say, and rarely put on any weight. I’m sure that is not strictly true and I’ve never tested it to its limits. But […]

Champions are made in the winter

In true British style, this post will begin by discussing the weather. It seems strange that only last week, I was walking around in just a t-shirt for a truly summery hallowe’en. This week the weather has turned chilly, pretty rainy and, wait, was that frost I saw on the grass the other morning? This […]

There was a time…

Ok, so this post is probably more for the parents out there. Although if you are a non-parent then you may still enjoy it, either because you can feel smug about all the free time you currently have or because maybe you’re wondering also ‘what on earth do I do with my free time.’ There […]

Long time no blog

Well it’s been a while since I last blogged! Nearly three years to be precise. Within which time I have somehow managed to have two babies, and for the record, I ran through both pregnancies and beyond. I even managed the London marathon last year and have signed up again for 2015. I’ve learnt quite a […]

Kielder Marathon Review 2011

As well as taking me back to my Northumbrian roots, the Kielder marathon seemed like an ideal race for a Londoner such as me, who quite likes the idea of getting off-road but doesn’t especially like hills or mud. Well, not big hills anyway. This was my third marathon, the first two being flat and […]

London Marathon Rejection Time – so you didn’t get in?

It’s that time of year again. When the rejection magazine arrives in the post, along with a nice cosy fleece. Disappointment sets in. Perhaps relief too. But what’s important to remember is that just because you didn’t get in to next year’s London Marathon doesn’t mean you should stop, or in some cases not start, […]

A Wiggle on the Downs (and a bit of Cocking)

So last weekend I gave the running a miss for a change and decided to try a bit of mountain biking instead with Ian. 23 miles. How hard could that be? I cycle 14 miles most days anyway (ok, so avoiding shards of glass on the Greenway turned out to be a bit easier than […]