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My ultra marathon top tips

I’m going to be running Race to the King in just under two weeks time. 53.5 miles over the South Downs (and 1.5 miles more than I originally signed up for), from Arundel to Winchester. Without going into too much detail about my training for the race (or lack of it), here are my top […]


Exciting news – I’m going to be leading some FREE sessions starting in August, aimed at mums and their babies or toddlers! Want to get active after having a baby and struggling to find the time or energy? Come along to FREE running sessions and bring your baby or toddler in the buggy too. A […]

The longest run of my life

I spent most of last Saturday morning running. That’s most as in the majority, not just a bit, but pretty much all of it. My two year old son had had enough before the race had even started. He wanted fish and chips – there weren’t any. I was waved off by my husband and […]

Sleep and springtime!

I used to think of myself as a night owl rather than an early riser. I would generally struggle to get up in the morning and my first activity of the day would always have to be a three course breakfast and a cup of coffee. Two children and nearly three years later and, well, […]

Why is sugar ‘nutritious’ for runners?

It’s a question I am regularly asked – what should I do about nutrition? What should I eat and drink during my training and races? How many gels should I take? I am becoming more and more disheartened by sports ‘nutrition’ and the vast array of products that are sold to us runners as being […]

This Girl Can (when I’ve got the time!)

I should probably be grateful that I have always been the skinny one. I have never had to worry much about excess body fat or how to keep the weight off. I have always enjoyed getting outside, being active and getting sweaty too. I’d say I worry quite a lot about what people think about […]

The Art of Standing Up

As a nation, we don’t much like standing up it seems. As a parent, I have spent the last couple of years perfecting this long forgotten art. Other parents will know how it feels, to get to lunchtime and think ‘I haven’t sat down yet this morning’ (or if you’re having a particularly difficult day […]